Safety is an essential part of our culture. We have an excellent safety manager and OSHA trained field superintendents. We maintain high levels of supervision at all times and are continuously invoking safety standards during production. For us, safety is our first priority, followed by the production. Our Superintendents are required to keep this in mind.

Safety Program Highlights

• All job sites are visited weekly by the Safety Director to inspect for any hazards and equipment deficiencies as well as to ensure that our safety policies are being adhered to by our employees.

• New job sites are inspected by the Safety Director before work begins to ensure all safety concerns are addressed up front and communicated to our employees.

• 100% fall protection when working 6 feet from an exposed fall hazard of 6 feet or greater.

• At least one-third of our workforce is certified in workplace First Aid and CPR.

• A comprehensive and successful fleet safety policy has been implemented for every employee operating a company vehicle.

Training Program Highlights

Our employees are trained to recognize and correct safety hazards before an accident takes place. An emphasis on job training and safety empowers our employees to perform in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Day 1 & 2 of New Hire Orientation

Safety procedures and company policies are covered at our office. Then on the job site, there is hands-on training for job duties, equipment operation and safety procedures.

At the End of Day 2

A 30-day evaluation is administered. Then the employee will receive occasional inspections and additional training over a 60-day period.

At the End of this Period

The employee must pass a 90-day evaluation. If successful, the employee passes the probationary period and will achieve full-time employee benefits.